Monday, July 21, 2008


Check out this cycle route, about 25 miles which is a nice circular route: the bits Cottenham-Histon is road, as was Rampton to Longstanton mainly, but the good bits are above Swavesey. I completed it using a hybrid with only a piston in the seat although more suspension was needed for the bits over broken up concrete encountered around Swavesy/Earith. I also have road tyres with no knoblies. Since I do not go to a gym or anything equally defeatest as running to nowhere particular and then right back again, and hate looking at people - some sightseeing which is really great in the area is good. If only one could get a robust camera or camcorder to take a long to capture more of it.
My next bit of bike-work will involve getting knoblies and securing my water-bottle better. actually I loaned my eldest son's Power-rangers bottle. It is cheaper than one from the bike-shop to do it this way; although you do need to drink a lot if you are going quite so far.
A month odd ago we followed a really nice route that have a tea-break in the middle, something we missed out on this time. Once again this rode was fun, and no major problems - I believe that something for the stinging-nettles is probably in order esp. if you cannot jump into a bath afterwards, since the stingers will not just fall off it seems, but maybe that's because I am a hairy bugger.
Kudos to nick for arranging the mapping and finding the route. Right now I try to cycle a few days a week to the office which is only 5 miles away. But since you cannot cycle more than 2 miles without starting to sweat, it's best done as a 'run' with a shower afterwards. I will have to map it out sometime.