Monday, April 06, 2009

We love this country

I am talking about England, well really the United Kingdom, and its called that because it is more like a gathering of kingdoms, its not like United States, but more Like USSR than UK in some ways because it has so many tribes.
That said once you stop offending the natives, who are very friendly btw, there is a lot on offer. Like park&ride, which is a clever way to get cheap parking far from the city centre, and then ride the bus into town without really paying for a bus-ticket. It seems to work in most towns, Cambridge is one of them, and I now regularly use the city to just avoid the stress of driving in a built-up area. Yes, we love the countryside! It's green and safe! At least there are no dangerous wild animals (like in Africa LOL.) running about.
Well there are some dangerous things - dangerous if you are dumb or live in a city. The sidewalks everywhere are narrow and crowded, but with all this danger about, women are more likely to get beaten up by their partners than fall under a bus or suffer other vehicular incident.

Signing off, from the flattest bit of England.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April fun

For anyone who has already discovered the joy of buying cartridges online, go no further, if not....
click here.

OK, only kidding, there is no such printer - but Cartridge Monkey really are the boz.