Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yesteryear Road run

Yesteryear Road run next weekend YAY! :

Every year over 300 vehicles gather to support "magpas" The Emergency Medical Charity. To date over £125,000 has been raised. The 2010 run will take place on Sunday 25 th April.
For those of us not into classic cars (and tractors)... while browsing the world wide wait this morning, I also found a history lesson on our Parish Church . but what I am actually looking for is a photo of our village cross or 'sign' which was comissioned as far as I can see by the WI, but who has a copy of the origional artwork or even draft art. The sign is starting to peel and fade a tad, so taking a picture right now is not going to accomplish much at all, anyone know who looks after it?

And lastly, found this little ditty by Rod Halls (for Ralph Carpenters Workshop advert).

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hyperlocal Community Idea

I am very much a 'villager', it's a bit of a joke running back to a series that used to run in RSA called "the village people", all about a mining town. It was very racist in it's portrayal of life, but was keenly followed at the time. Well we all live in the future, and pressures on communities are great, and not viewable on the TV.

it's all linked in with the theme of community engagement and openness and transparency:
I was forwarded this hyperlocal site We are all incredibly
busy, what with elections, volcanic ash comming over from Iceland, making that area a source of double disaster, but closer to home, is our fledgling Community Centre, which will soon move to the next stage of service. ...there is a trustees meeting next Tuesday 20th as well where there will be some presenting of a PR strategy to get more members in. The plan is for the coffee shop to open in September  -  with a proper Gaggia type machine! I don't think many people really know this and the opening is only a few months away. However to convert the rest of the church we need another 170k grand. So we need to get some more money in. So any ideas welcome!

Age of Stupid on Tuesday 20 April at the Community Centre ( the old Methodist Church)  - can we try and get whoever we know along to see this moving and interesting film about climate change and promote Cottenham as an exemplar of sustainable living more info here .

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter egg hunting

This lettle fellow was muscling in on the action - stealing from the bird feeder in Ross back yard.
location Bromley.

Easter 2010 - Daniel's birthday is pretty close to Rhys and Greg, hmmmmm something is happening here I think, or maybe it was just that time of year. We arranged a little diversion, and aunt Claire together with Caron started concealing chocolate treats, the funny bit was hiding things at eye-level really does work on adults and kids, the sweet stuff hanging in branches was amongst the last of the eggs to be discovered by my 2 hunters. A pitty Daniel is too young for chocolate still, that would really have set him off.It was a pretty cool day, and so we wrapped up and set off to the park for a walk and to let the little boys play off some energy
before we had to start heading home again.

Additional Flickr Photo sets of LEGO . And from Diggerland.
This is incidentally my 200th post, which is a kind of milestone.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

A date for your diary

A date for your diary:
Film showing in Cottenham
 On Tuesday 20 April at 7.30pm
 At Cottenham Community Centre (opposite the Co-op)

Sustainable Cottenham
invites you to a free showing of Franny Armstrong’s documentary about climate change: The Age of Stupid. Pete Postlethwaite plays the last man alive in a post-apocalyptic world, the caretaker of a video archive of the last years of the Earth before climate disaster struck. It’s a powerful reminder of what we have to lose by not acting to combat climate change.
The film will be shown in Cottenham Community Centre ­– so it’s also an excellent chance to come and see inside the new centre if you haven’t done so already.
Follow this link for a Guardian review of the film:
For more information on the film showing or Sustainable  Cottenham visit: or contact Catherine Burch.