Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yesteryear Road run

Yesteryear Road run next weekend YAY! :

Every year over 300 vehicles gather to support "magpas" The Emergency Medical Charity. To date over £125,000 has been raised. The 2010 run will take place on Sunday 25 th April.
For those of us not into classic cars (and tractors)... while browsing the world wide wait this morning, I also found a history lesson on our Parish Church . but what I am actually looking for is a photo of our village cross or 'sign' which was comissioned as far as I can see by the WI, but who has a copy of the origional artwork or even draft art. The sign is starting to peel and fade a tad, so taking a picture right now is not going to accomplish much at all, anyone know who looks after it?

And lastly, found this little ditty by Rod Halls (for Ralph Carpenters Workshop advert).

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