Saturday, July 02, 2016

For all your spatula needs

For all your spatula needs is a special accomplishment in the game called idle quest for Android. Idle quest is a pretty mindless qame in a series of non-questlike questing games. As a text based game it's not too shabby and shows off how much you can do with text only if you have a good game concept. Unfortunately idle quest is good for only one thing:  Easy accomplishments and thus easy google play ranking levels.
But as an ace the game has a few almost impossible achievements. Today I reached "for all your spatula needs" which requires crafting any amulet with discount quality and any quality weapon of type spatula. All you then have to do is wait until you happen to quest through spatula city as well to get it. Which will give you the accomplishment after waiting about a minute or two at most. Just be sure not to craft any amulet nor weapon. Now I twice got one of the requirements,  first a spatula and later an amulet, but the penalty for keeping the item eventually slows your progress to a crawl, so getting both together in a short space of time is not simple. Well it's luck. Here is my screen shot of Invisible spatula and Discount gemstone.

Good luck. And thanks to Topcog.