Wednesday, August 26, 2009

tgimboej Cambridge update

Links to follow, but John got and has forwarded "the box" to another (evil mad scientist), proving we can take over the world one box of junk at a time.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Netizenry notes

Getting a bit swamped by the net?
Some of the networking tools you may or may not have a use for... is an unusual tool used to shorten URLs and most useful for mobile applications and tweeter integrated. So here's mine , and although clicking on your own link generates a hit I have 10 clicks (2 of them mine) in just 5 minutes, go ahead click this one too, it should bring you back here or at least closeby.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Mailing List, Electronics Junk, Holiday Reading

North Cumbria - Wow, that was a beeeuutifulll bit of England. If this pic of the back yard is interresting, visit Dickinson Cottages site.

I read another book from my fave Clive Cussler -'Plague Ship', and am still drudging my way through David Gibbins' 'the Last Covenant'.
But now we are back, with a vengeance.

I have picked out some basic character-LCD units off E-Bay and should drop one spare into the 'box'. I am slowly adding bits because it looks to me as if it is no simple matter finding someone who wants more curiosities clogging up the workbench.
So far I've crossed off the royal-mail list:
  • Scott (busy moving)
  • Tristan (no response)
  • Trying - John Lindley (found, and arranging)
  • double-booked : Martin (sorry) I'll start a second box.
After getting a few non-responses and a non use-able email address or two, I started to double-up my attempts to move my box of junk, and got 2 responses almost at once. I'll be sending it off to John in Bristol - and starting a second box to send to Martin.
  • Update: box sent to John in Bristol - 11 August.
Updates to this TGIMBOEJ post to come once the first box moves.