Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sponsor please : I'm braving the cold 2 help Syrian Refugees

So here is the backstory first.
I live in a small village in Cambridgeshire, and since many of us felt the refugee crisis touch us we decided to mobilise in a big way. The usual committees formed and some people went off to set up cake sales and other events. We planned a different fundraiser for almost every month of the year, but I pooh pooh'ed the cake and coffee things and aligned with a plan to do something more radical. Something that would show that we cared for Syrians impacted by the war. By sleeping under the stars. Well, I did not realize that by the time we got organised mid-winter would be upon us.

It does not seem to have stopped 12 of us who will sleep out (admittedly under canvas) with no facilities or support for 2 nights on the village green. It's not really sheltered and will probably be noisy. I don't count on getting much sleep nor being able to feel my toes in the morning. Most of us are not real campers, so it's going to be a cold one.

Click on this link to register your donation http://goo.gl/forms/5sHDLx7ak4
I'll be accepting preferrably cash; cheques made out to Cottenham Cares , or Paypal online payments

All moneys go to MSF and Save the Children Syria .
Please fill in this form with as much or little information as you like, which I'll keep secret. But would also make it easier to collect cash and importantly thank you for your sponsorship.

More Events

Cottenham Cares have a host of other events planned, a golf tournament, a Ceilidh (which is apparently a dance) and quizz nite are already in planning. During the summer, we plan to support other initiatives, to find out more please visit and like our Facebook page :

Fundraiser progress update

I only started raising on Wednesday and I'm standing at £175 thanks to pakshivaandytomcaroline . I'm targeting £400