Sunday, February 06, 2011

Bletchley Park, mid-term visit

Is now planned for the 25 (Friday) it's a family (boys) day out engaging with history and technology - family tickets are £22.50 . I have planned this for half term, for those of us not going away, and as a day off work.

Roughly driving time is 1 hour 25 (attached image), I will be leaving pretty early in the morning, they open some time after 9, and although the visit is probably more useful to "older" boys, there is plenty for the smallest boys too example - (the local model rail club is based at the site, it's huge)

Everyone welcome: invite wider please - that may make lift sharing an option on the day. Can anyone going, please get back to me ASAP during the week, so we can look at sharing transport if anyone has a people-carrier, or even a coach, wow!

No photography allowed on site, I assume this excludes outdoors? Other questions may include things like whether you want to book a group ticket, the group tickets are dear, but include lunch and a guide (minimum group size unknown, but only really applicable to adults anyway). I've not looked at the canteen, but am guessing about £10 per head for munchies on the day too.

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