Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Proud of my son

Rather proud of my eldest son today. I had a kind of crappy and tense day . Easter holiday been planned after 3 years. Last day of school for him last day of work for next 2weeks for me.... and he has an accident on the football pitch. Now Rhys and accidents during phys ed seems a recurring thing. So I'm not panicking when I get a call at lunchtime to rush off to the school. He broke his collarbone so I rush over and have to take him to hospital.  Now if it was serious it would be an ambulance so I'm not flipping out. But he is in such pain when I get to the school he is too sore to even say "hi dad". Bundled gingerly into the car and then drive carefully to the hospital every damn pothole the council failed to fill in gets a wince of pain from the passenger seat.

Potholes the council does not fill due to budget cuts. Which has now kept mum and dad out of work for 3 hours each as we run him up to A&E. All the traffic lights go green. The queue when we get there is 5 minutes long and the staff are so professional and efficient. Careful and slow, but efficient and it makes me wonder why the NHS is facing cuts to people who are passionate about what they do and are doing their best. Why?

So the shoulder is now in a sling. It still hurts but he will mend. I'm proud of Rhys. And also proud of Gregory.  I hope my boys do see this one day and hold me to my promise to never let go.