Saturday, October 29, 2011

Baju ConMiLeaig

DrivewayDriveA ViewViewAloesThat dam is full
Below the waterfallA bit further downThe large poolfungusriver never stopslarge shallow pool
A large poolThe swimming hole and waterfall

Baju ConMiLeaig, a set on Flickr.
A set of photos rather inexpertly taken with a point & shoot. But really well lit and capturing all that needs to be when you want to know that home is still home. I really do need to go home sometime soon.

A Man to boy chats

IMAG0017.jpg by zaphodikus
, on the question, why minors are not allowed to get an account on website ABC or somesuch.

I think there is nothing wrong with gun-dealers setting their own restrictions on who can buy, car dealers asking to see a license first, vicars asking your age before marrying you, mothers not letting Johnny out after 8pm. I mean if I was selling thermonuclear weapons I would only let someone with a million in the bank get near my compound, better yet, require them to show me proof of age. OK jokes over. If someone on a street corner will not sell to you, go to another corner instead, kicking up a fuss actually gets you noticed by ALL-THE-RIGHT people.

Google plus is not for kids (at this time, or probably never). Some people have their lives ahead of them and do not need it spoiled all in one go, I think FACEBOOK have proved your point for you. Something that happened in the last 20 years is how the amount of time between a desire in the heart and actually engaging ones brain has not shrunk as much as it should have in a time when things do really happen much faster.
(IMAG0017.jpg, a photo by zaphodikus on Flickr.)

Chat(s) says I?
I hate ruining the moment, fighting is the word I really want to chat about. Mine fight and argue a lot - a bit like their dad you could say. A lot. So how can I stop it, I mean that it means I have to change my own attitude to problem resolution. The problem is that I can never be wrong!

Monday, October 10, 2011