Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fun with the family

As usual, summers in England are camped or rather packed full of things to do. It's depressing how manic the brits get over that tiny bit of sunshine that does get through - remarkably this is one of the colder summers again, the only hot summer I had in the UK was my first one in 2006. Summer 2006 was hot for me just because I had to put up with going into London and dealing with the tube. Ridding the tube in the sweltering stinky summer just put me off London completely - yes it did! That's not saying I never go, there is tonnes to do in London, you just got to make a day of it.
It's just too obvious, that summer in the countryside is not as prone to the depression of entrapping smilling concrete, the gross runny tummy feeling, and sweaty dirty, but rather it's one of runny noses :-) Ah you cannot win, I mean the hayfever. But it is inspirational.

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