Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter egg hunting

This lettle fellow was muscling in on the action - stealing from the bird feeder in Ross back yard.
location Bromley.

Easter 2010 - Daniel's birthday is pretty close to Rhys and Greg, hmmmmm something is happening here I think, or maybe it was just that time of year. We arranged a little diversion, and aunt Claire together with Caron started concealing chocolate treats, the funny bit was hiding things at eye-level really does work on adults and kids, the sweet stuff hanging in branches was amongst the last of the eggs to be discovered by my 2 hunters. A pitty Daniel is too young for chocolate still, that would really have set him off.It was a pretty cool day, and so we wrapped up and set off to the park for a walk and to let the little boys play off some energy
before we had to start heading home again.

Additional Flickr Photo sets of LEGO . And from Diggerland.
This is incidentally my 200th post, which is a kind of milestone.

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