Saturday, February 21, 2009

How to change Scalextric Drifter braids

Google search is not your friend in this case, so here is my how-to. For some reason the Scalextric homepage has got no instructions on how to do this, and 5 minutes of googling (my limit) yielded no results. So to save you breaking things, or wasting any more time, just click play on the video.

I am still puzzled about the lack of an instruction published by anyone, hence my contribution. (also on youtube: / A better video is available here - but missing the explanation:
The big thing to help figure it out is the little arrows on the underside, visible only to anyone with good eyes. A bit of firm downward pressure is needed, I found it easier when the blade is rotated 90-degrees to either side before slipping it off.

I finally spotted a small slip of paper latter in the packaging, which shows the little arrows more clearly. Duh!

I've not made a blog post for a long time now, and was loosing courage until now. It's at times when I feel frustrated by everyone just going around and expecting to find the answer and then greedily consuming without ever giving in return, that I get "rilled". I probably have a healthy net-esteem that let's me do this kind of contributing while knowing that if my work is junk, nobody will link it, if it's great, then someone will link it. It's like the law of averages.

Anyway, so if you have kids who love scalextric and you have discovered the joy of drifting, share it. It's the best scalextric fun ever, and you can use your existing set, but beware, the cars take a beating, and so do the braids and tires.

God bless.

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