Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Waste of time applications on the web

I am making a list of antisocial web applications:
1. facebook - it's a huge time-gobbler, but it is at least interactive and you can do almost anything, it's also integrated into more systems than other web apps.
2. twitter - frustrating, since it's like you are a radio station. You have sweet fanny way of knowing what your audience (I do not need one) thinks.
Can someone list more than 2 profitable things twitter can do for an introvert in only 10 minutes per week , and I will become a user.

Yahoo answers - who benefits? Anyone who knows how to add links to products they purvey. Answers is very much something you do as a challenge, and to better the human race. But minimal personal profit.

Latest experiment - it just says "Hello World!"

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