Thursday, March 18, 2010

Would e-voting improve turnout?

The answer is NO "£$%"$£%^£" NO. I'm sorry but I think we need a pragmatic look at this question,
1. The timing of the question is supect.
2. It will only temporarily make a difference.
3. It will waste more money setting it up.
4. Security will be a huge concern on my own part at least.
Anyone who say it is a good idea is a gadget freak (and hence is unwittingly skewing the results anyway by simply reading this) and not applying the same scepticicism we professionals did that actually brought calm and sanity in a world that believed (was more let to actually...) that Y2K would cause critical service failures.

I am sorry, but the people who are failing to vote due to apathy should not be voting by convenience instead!

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