Sunday, November 06, 2011

Online purchase truth or fiction

Is this shop selling this game or something else?
Compare to the actual game website and Drakensang expansion "Phileasson's Secret" (Phileassons geheimnis)
Their cover artwork (ripped here shamelessly) looks a bit odd.
Squinting slightly, it looks like 3 games in one box, which is perhaps wrong for the price of GBP 8.12 I think. Steam and Gamersgate is asking much more for all 3. (And only available in the US) And now the reason I am putting a geek post on my non-techno blog, what is the regional market/copyright thing anyway? The software publishers are stuffing it all up, they are not allowed to sell in much of Europe because the makers went bust, and never made deals in the rest of the world because the market was not "big" enough - crap. That's waht I saym becvause it not always like this. 

Where can I buy it online?
But IMHO letting their eye off the ball is costing the publisher big-time because the best place to get the game is fileshare today. Just google for 'buy drakensang phileassons secret', and besides gamersgate and steam (who won't sell it to me due to region) and D2D who say they have, but don't really have it - all the others are warez downloads.

I already have 'the dark eye', and 'river of time', but I need the last box if I am to be complete.
What is a young boy to do, my heart is pierced! This title is a most awesome game.


Zaphodikus said...

Turns out, the box-shot is correct, but it's a Polish version, hence the price.
Here is the proper search-link in future:

but both hits are for the Expansion in Polish. :-(

Zaphodikus said...

I'm still on the search for "Phileason's Secret" the last chapter in the dark eye (english). If anyone in the US or Australia with a Steam account has found a way to gift a game I would love to gift you back a game.

Zaphodikus said...

BTW my search is getting desparate, since I just completed "The river of time" and it's awesome!