Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Green space panorama

Since I managed to make a pretty good panorama inside a small space, I also made one near my house in a very nice conservation zone. Besides being a conservation area, the location hints at it's early history as well.

taken here:
Please excuse the lack of editing the border. The stitched image size is reduced to about 30% of original, from 42 pics taken on my mobile phone. The trick to getting started is to stand in one spot and turn on your heel, taking pictures with about 30% overlap. Hold the camera at the same height all the while, and rotate as if you were a tripod. In a small space the camera actually needs to rotate on a small axis- but for this one I sat on a tree-stump and just wiggled around keeping my but on the same spot. So the camera's travel arc was a radius of about 1 foot. Even if a full 360 is not your thing, you can still crop it later on. Taking the pictures is really the hardest part - remember, you will need light, and preferably no shadows caused by a camera-flash.

If you have a yuppie phone, there is an 'app' for this, but for the rest of us.... to see how it's done, click http://softcircuitry.blogspot.com/2012/01/myshed-free-image-composite-editor.html

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