Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Quick Shout-out

So, not everyone is actually artistic, some people write stuff like blogs as a way of recording their knowledge for later recall. But sometimes you record and share on youtube, and if you are like me you are a you-tuber not for shares,likes or fame, but to record for later recall. But mostly for me youtube is about learning how to work with video, I love the editing of sound, static images and special effects. Who never dreamed of directing a movie? Well, to make this really happen, you need to learn, the best way is the youtube creator academy. It's a google plus group, join and start browsing about, do all the lessons in the lesson plans that appeal to you. Then get depressed due to your budget being zero!

So what? Who cares, just carry on trying to get by with less. But sometimes you will grow - like this week I even got a shout-out from a lady who calls herself T- LIN.
Roll the video

Recommended to try out Cyberlink Power Director
... which has a 30 day demo mode.

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