Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Empyrion Galactic Survival Gamemaster points

Some console command pointers and game rules.

= number of h (hours) d (days) or m (months)
kick [message]
list perm[issions] lists players and permissions
list ban[ned]
kick all [message] kicks everyone and sends a message

 Enables or disables Godmode for the current player. This allows you to fly, not take enemy damage and walk through walls/floors.
Map Lists and displays all of the resources and PoIs (Points of Interest) on the map.

teleport x, y, z, Teleports you to those coordinates, only on the playfield you currently are on.
teleport '' Teleports you a Playfield. For Playfields with spaces in them, you must use single quotes! Do note, you may need to change sectors first! (Case Sensitive)
sector ''  
time Sets the time of the server (with a value input) (Example: 10 is night, 10000 is day.) 

create (Faction is the name)

  • To keep this short and sweet, anything with is the name of the Faction. Anything with is the ID assigned to you from the game. use di to get a player id 

Tried to create an Alien POI yesterday. A few things, mean this is almost improbably hard. Was hopeing to create a maze POI of sorts. Roughly the steps are
Only works with a BA. It's easier if you use creative mode to copy an existing POI.
Give the building a new name.
If not using a existing POI, make sure the BA is set to private faction, replace human core with Alien core, then use command
faction entity Aln 339003
Aln is the faction name for Alien, you have to use Aln, not ALN or Alien
339003 is the id (use the di command to get this)
Then the base will not go hostile, but your turrets will fire at it. You then have to import it into a new world, the only way it appears is by adding to a playfield.yml and regenerating. But the base must also be set to level the ground and allow to be partly below ground level in most cases. Might write a command to set that flag and find links to the .yml editing process.

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