Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Here we come

Money transfers start today, so now the priorities shift up a little. Yipeeeeeeeeee. Now there is really nothing standing in the way of us landing in the UK nExt week-end. Scarry, I suppose if you did this whole trip by sea 45 years ago, you had a bit of time on the boat to considder and make all your plans perhaps? I suspect some things were simpler 2 generations back when my grand-parents came out. But they did not have the internet, and movies, phone-calls and all we have today to re-assure that in fact the shift is not that great (LOL). Africa was wild, but it must have ben frightening. Suppose I should go visit one last time. Matbe they wil never ever see me before they make an exit....

Enough sad
This is a happy day, now just got to sell the car!

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