Sunday, June 04, 2006

Trying to become a christian

"Going to church so you can become a christian is just as likely as living in a garage is going to turn you into a motor car"
Worse still the oil stains on the seat of your pants will make people think you are a mechanic, and that may help you get into someone else's car. but i'll bet it will not qualify you to fix it.

Why is the internet very lumpy in some places, and then like totally void (LOL) or just thin in the areas that really count. Of course the thickest places in the internet are the most frequented and also the nastiest places to be.

Well still stuck in Johannesburg, for a week or so more at least. But while trying to stay invisible or out of the way (I need no more excitement in my life right now thanks). I am going to move on again tuesday, hopping from one friend to the next for a bed at the moment. Which is OK if you are alone.

My linux project is really sticking a little, battling with the LXRT RTAI part not likking something in the structure of C++ programs, much the same C code crashes if wrapped into objects. So now I am unwinding/unwrapping the objects into flat C, and using structs as a parameter. So far so good, amy finnish monday, not leaving me with much time. I just with there was a place for Linux noobs, because my questions must sound daft to all the gurus out there, perhaps I will try post someplace latter tonight; and then just cross the thumbs for a blasting.

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