Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Spam phone call

A female voice says " have won a trip to the Caribbean.
If you would like to hear more about your holiday, please press 1"

If you do, it just rings with no answer.

The number source is 0019515455076 - and we seem to get one every now and again (every few weeks) barring un-disclosed ID callers (I set this up recently) has definitely dropped the number of idiot calls we get. BTW, registering with the TPS is a waste of time.

[edit] The number to call is 1471, in order to hear who it was that called you up last [/edit]
Another junk call this (4-Dec) morning 02031891150, caller just hangs up immediately.


TimeRider said...

Same number calls me, but I have fun with em *after their stupid automated recording*!

MP3's of calls from unsolicited companies.

btw, the 0203 number if from a company called msac, ofcom has already received countless complaints.


Zaphodikus said...

Anyone who wants a laugh, and a bit of sanity, you definitely have to visit Timerider's site visit and click on the homepage too. :-)

Thanks Steve.

Zaphodikus said...

I've had my provider (Virgin) block callers that do not identify themselves, but now after a few weeks I've had some calls coming through, that just hang up as I pick up. And the system does not have a number for the caller. Thus indicating that the Virgin blocking service is not working?