Monday, February 08, 2010

Are you wrapped up warmly?

Is your home tucked up warmly this winter?  Want to reduce your carbon footprint?

Have you been thinking that you may need better loft insulation or wondering about getting cavity wall insulation? If so, you might be interested to hear about Eastern CRI, which can help you work out what you need and tell you if you can get a grant to help pay for it.

Eastern CRI is a Local Authority initiative to help give homeowners and tenants affordable loft and cavity wall insulation using the grants that abound in the energy market place. If you have access to the internet, all you have to do is visit to get a free quotation on insulating your home. It’s very simple and you’ll be given one price for all your home insulation. If you qualify as a Priority Group customer what you need may be free, otherwise it may cost as little as £149. (To qualify as a Priority Group customer you need to be in receipt of various benefits or allowances.)

The government have now set a target to insulate all homes to today's standards by 2015, this project is doing just that.

Did you know:

    * 25% of the heat loss in your home could be escaping through the roof
    * 27% of all UK carbon emissions are thought to be emitted by our homes

This project will show you some of the best offers being made today, reducing your heating and energy bills as well as reducing your carbon footprint! The Eastern Carbon Reduction Initiative is planned to deliver cavity wall and loft insulation to all properties in the region by 2015, and to deliver wider carbon savings to 2050 by ensuring that existing and emerging energy efficient technologies are adopted by Eastern households.

Want to know more? Visit freephone 0800 2321677.

Information provided by Sustainable Cottenham

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