Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sustainable Villages in Cambridgeshire

Sustainable villages are springing up all over the place, and in Cambridgeshire there appears to be quite a lot of energy, if not, hot air to be let out. Loft insulation is probably the simplest and most cost effective savers, but if you already have some, the grants available make topping up less attractive. I must say, that is crazy, but with an un-loaded cost to insulate your loft at around £400 for a smallish home, it is still a deal if you get that at just over half price through a grant. Because there are so many options caveats and catches and we live in an age of simple, Eastern CRI (Carbon Reduction Initiative) have been created and set up to reduce the cost and complexity of accessing a grant. I must say - I was tempted to say - let's rip the old stuff out, because installing from fresh will cost you about £90 less. But the pink stuff is not safe so do not try this at home kids. I'll not go into the logic of why a top-up insulation costs more than installing 10 inches from scratch though I will segway into another disposal item. Batteries!
I'm just a bit confused as to why it is suddenly that I see bins in Morrisons for your old batteries - we are never supposed to have turfed these into the bin in the first place, so this is my RANT. The UK is so fast asleep in attitude to the disposal of hazardous materials; I have to believe this is because of industry push-back. We throw far too much into landfill, and although I think that paying more for the removal right outside our front door might fix the picture, it's not going to change people's attitudes. Neither will shouting, so perhaps it's time to shame those who have not played their part as model citizens. With so many pressures on our time, our attention and wallets all together under strain, how do we start?
my ceiling (in the picture, the blue area has no insulation.)
So before you go and throw out the toys, and collapse in despair... it's an idea time to head into the loft and spot the gaps, from inside your ceiling. If you live in Cottenham, please talk to a parish councilor, or post a comment on this posting, alternately watch the local village publications and learn about how you can have a volunteer for the Sustainable Cottenham Group help you to better insulate your home today.

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