Monday, June 28, 2010

Proniunciation on Govt spending cuts

Govt is not responsible for jobs. : WE ARE! I moved house, so did my grandad, over 8000 miles. WAKE UP!
Hey just because I am not entitled to benefits in the UK does not mean I have a reasonable opinion on this matter at all, so if you are faint of heart, please click here now.

Ok, the intro. and public safety anouncement over, let's take our seats, or should I say thrones for the onion awards once again. I just listened to some people who clearly are so lost that they are afraid to lose their homes if they move elsewhere to find work. I think admiral Nelson might call them lilly livers, but I have a less harsh pronunciation over the council housing estates... simply poor schools. I have traced back most of western society problems to a wave of miss-guided education policy from the 1970's and 1980s. Just look it up and you will see how true it is, I mean they must have scrapped classes in home economics, because nobody can ballance their credit cards, and we all blame the bankers for it... schools also failed to teach history properly over the same period, (In South Africa we wasted too much time on a guy called 'Jan', and then how thousands of people got slaughtered in one day in a battle which later got commemorated as a holy day, yes that was evil), but in europe, we totally screwed up history teaching. I mean they forgot to mention the industrial revolution in class somehow, maybe because it meant people of low education or skills suffered when machines took over. Maybe they forgot to teach about how man has constantly roamed the face of the planet for almost 5000 years, and it's the roaming, and not staying stuck in council houses that got shipbuilders mobilised, created a invincible navy, got coal extracted from the ground, and finally built a economy to be proud of in a land one can be proud of. I have one thing to say to number 10 : "David, do not give us jobs nor food, instead teach us how to feed ourselves."
I'm just a grumpy old man now, pride does not feature for me now : maybe I should just stay where I am and wait to die.

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