Friday, August 20, 2010

Political Comment

2010 is probably the stress year for european politicians. I blame them for the collapse of the economy, but I also blame individuals for job losses at home. Far too many people fly kites, some of us without knowing it, ...before I move onto August being the month of brilliant kite flying weather, I share one more criminal thought with you.
If a house brick can be used to hit someone with, does that make the makers bad people?
On the other hand, should a maker of house bricks supply them to someone who has a track record of hitting people with them?
All this does is force us to legalise making a black-list, something known to cause problems of it's own in terms of corruption. We black list weapons, oil, cryptography and even jobs, STOP!
Sunset in late July
Get some fresh air - everything is a lovely green this month with all the rain. With the days getting shorter, I shall be packing more into them than actually fits - but what can I pack into my soul?
Check out this inspiring tweeter and blogger on the soul. Lee Bezotte

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