Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fungus or Mushroom Identification

It looks pretty much like a dried out black grape at first glance.
But it has a hole which releases a black powder - which turnes out to be spores, which are more olive brown than black. Here you can see a blade of grass has pierced this one, the base is at the bottom, and just out of sight is the hole in the top from which comes the spores. The shape is not for a mushroom really since it has no visible stem.

This is what it looks like from underneath.

The inside of the fungus shown here, it has a carpet of fluffy dust - brownish in this pic, but almost black in the other one I found. It's a powdery dust that gets airborne quite easily.
For scale, that's a windscreen wiper blade.
It "looks" like these fungus are Gasteromycetes, puffballs for us non-fungii, meaning stomach. Not a family as such, so this is not an identification, puffball is more an identification aid.
Time: is late August - I'm guessing this is the mature stage.
Location: Norwich, Norfolk
Site: A school field - an unused field, which we were allowed to pitch tents on. They appear to be loose amongst the grass.

Can anyone tell me what it's called?

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Toby said...

That's quite odd looking. Sadly I don't know much about mushrooms, perhaps a trip down to the library to look at one of their mushroom books?