Sunday, September 19, 2010

Unpluged church

This Sunday will be back-to-church Sunday, basically Church, but a bit unplugged. Although it's church as normal next week, we will be expecting a good few new faces, hopefully just people who have not gone to church for some reason or other, and not just because Sundays are just too busy in your home. I suppose the holiness of a Sunday is a difficult issue for some folk, I'm one of them, because I kick against all things establishment based.
Some folk have fancy holidays, they save up an entire year of stress or just work for just a week or two in a faraway country. Personally I prefer to have 52 holidays a year, I call them Sundays, each one is different - I even have photos of some of them.
I'm tempted to come in real holiday mood this Sunday, partly because I am working with the young folk this Sunday, Cottenham Baptist call ours Supernovas. This video is not the Supernovas, Supernovas are a little shorter.

But you get this idea, we have fun on Sundays, they are rest days, but the 27th is special.
Revd Ian Bunce: “I would say to anyone thinking of coming back to church this Sunday that there is no need to wear something special, no need to pre-book, you do not need to bring anything. We would just be glad to see you and to welcome you into our community, God’s family. We hope you will feel wanted and relaxed as you experience worship with us, so come on, ‘come as you are’! We would love to see you.”  

Worldwide, participating Christian churches will be "doing church" as usual, but differently - some are dressing down, and some are dressing up. If you think Sunday is a rest day, come along in your pajamas - actually rather not, especially since you should be bringing a friend.

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un-plug-ed nothing to do with wall sockets. More to do with Plughs.