Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Am I in tune?

Started trying to sing recently. As a slightly tone deaf and slightly imbalanced (that last I think happened on a shooting range) hearing person, it's not as simple as you might imagine. Being tone deaf, I have always found it hard to listen to anyone talking or singing. The former probably more out of habit. but I have never had an ipod. a spotify an itunes or a CD collection. I have just over a dozen CDs to my name, such a small collection it's not even worth throwing them out. So why sing?

Well it's a happy thing I guess.
http://www.reaper.fm/ - looks cool, might try buy this later on.


Also tried out but was disappointing by JukeDeck. AI music composer, https://www.jukedeck.com/
JukeDeck is really limited and random. Makes great sounds 9/10 times though, so good for intros or outros/stings. But since no 2 sounds are ever similar, it's not possible to really do something that feels "continous" without spending a load of time generating random short tracks.

Just found an alternative to Reaper - making me wonder if computer made/composed music is the new art frontier. And whether everyone is using a common codebase to churn out all of these apps.
It's MAGIX Music Maker
And you an get it for a limited time in the humble bundle with some free credit go buy plugins (trax too I assume.)

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