Monday, July 17, 2017

Nala the dark princess

We went to Woodgreen animal shelter together to find a cat to be re-homed. Something we had delayed due to the home renovation bustle and noises which we figured would not be great for any cat regardless.

Nala arrived home, already starting to explore

A real lady, and after 2 weeks still settling in, feeling like old family. We have found that, she likes to watch TV in the evenings with us. Is still very shy and retreats to a cosy dark corner for any sudden movement or noises. So not many good well lit photos. She is a real lady, very polite; well trained and all; and although lazy to jump up on the bed is not inactive at all, she just shot past me now like a thundering bullet 3 times up and down the stairs, just randomly. Does not like sudden noises, but is perfectly fine with the vacuum cleaner. 

Finding a cat was a plan that started back in May actually, I made a sortie out to the Godmanchester shelter to see what the place was like and was totally impressed. Woodgreen is not like any other animal charity I've been to. It's very organised, astutely funded (although we found that even that is a tough job), very slick managed site, and focused on one thing. Animal well-being, and that was my big concern, after last having had an animal 10 years ago, I wondered what had changed in petcare. Not much, aside from more regimented immunization it appears.
Back home, we used to only worry about worms and fleas when that particular time of year came around, and yes, already figured out that those nasty cat collars are in fact really nasty in more than one way for a cat.

Nala really loves a good ear rubbing and will walk almost endlessly in circles until your arm is about to fall off just for nudges with her flat nose. Almost trying to scent transfer I guess, but she loves head scratching. Nala is always purring, and slowly getting more comfortable, and spends most time with the youngest boy, mostly under his bed. Oh, and we found she does like to play with all those kinds of fluffy toys and balls that can be knocked about. Quite fun to watch.

She is keen to see outside through the window, which is a good thing to be interested in, but that's still a long way off. She does appear to have lost a bit of weight, still struggling for a way to weigh her, since nobody is allowed to pick her up, that might get technical. We found she will mostly eat more consistently overnight, and also mooches around at night a good bit. Nala is really working out well for us, and she seems to be liking it too.

Hope to get better pictures as time goes by, she does not sit still. Just love this little lady.

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