Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cateye Cycling gear trouble

The following was sent email to Cateye global service:

I am writing to complain about the H34 bracket. I bought a really brilliant light, and then battled to install the bracket. I latter ordered another smaller light for my wife's bike, this time the bracket went on a bit better. BUT, you can never get it tight enough to stop the light slipping about without using a bit of persuasion - and then you can not get it off again without a lot of effort. The tightening nut turns, but it's really tight now and I cannot move it to over to the other handlebar to make space for my cycle computer. The light is great, but the bracket is below par, I'm ordering a replacement bracket for now - can the engineers please improve this part.

Let us see if they can fix it before next winter....
(update : I got a response from the local and end distributor - I've attached the one here)


Thank you for your e-mail regarding the H-34 Flex Tight Bracket.

Please be assured that we will pass your comments onto the R & D department at Cateye for their consideration in future product development.

Kind regards

Sarah Zarrouk

Customer Services Manager


Product failure is particularly interesting to me as an engineer. I know things go wrong because some aspect of the environment is un-expected, it's not easy to predict how what you build will be used. But I think this means we are going to at least see some consideration of the problem, anyone else have similar jibes?

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