Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Milk Tart and Koeksisters

Aaah, the plaited jobs with lots of syrup.
Thanks to Christa Pretorius for this recipe

Duifie se melktert
2 k meel
1 eier
1/2 k suiker
1/2 k margarien
2 t bakpoeier
knippie sout
Room margarien, suiker en eier. Sif meel, bakpoeeier en sout saam. Knie deur en rol uit. Sit in tertpanne. Bak ligbruin en bere tot nodig.
4 k melk
3 eiers
2 1/2 e meel
sout na smaak
2 1/2 e maizena
3 e margarien
3/4 k suiker
Kook en berei voor. Eierwitte word laaste ingegooi. Gooi in voorafgebakte kors. Moenie weer bak nie. Strooi pypkaneel oor.

4 K meel
2 eiergele
2 t margarien
2 t bakpoeier
1 glas melk
knippie sout
Meng al die droe bestandele. Voeg eiers en melk by. Knie vir 20min. Rol uit, sny repies en vleg. Bak in diep olie en druk in stroop.
8 K suiker
knippie kremetart 4 k water
bietjie gemmer of suurlemoensap
Kook vir 10min saam.


Zaphodikus said...

OK, so this is the Afrikaans version, but if you google for the recipe title, you will find similar.
This koeksister recipe works better, and a tip I can give is to really wait until they are fried golden in the oil. If not, they are not crunchy, you want that little bit of crunch, if they do not cook right through, you get doughy... not good.

Another tip, let them sit in the made up syrup. They will not get soggy if they lie in there for half an hour. They gotta soak up the sweetness. Then watch them disappear.

Zaphodikus said...
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Zaphodikus said...

For some south african reminders and laffs hannyathe-spirit-of-jealous-woman see this blog. Yes, there are koeksister and melktert pictures on the link.