Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pray for Schools

Wouldn’t it be great if every local school was a prayed for school!

Pray for schools is an evening to encourage such a vision! So whether your a parent, student, or staff member. Church, children, or youth leader, please join Christian Resources Into Schools, Ely Diocese, Scripture Union, WCCYM and Cambridge & District YFC for a special night of inspiration.
Pray for Schools - Friday 22nd January 2010

For those who are in the area:
St Bede’s School
Birdwood Road,
7.45-9.15pm (Coffee from 7.30pm)

3 web based resources to ignite and inspire:
Bible engagement - www.wordlive.org
School clubs and groups – www.schoolslive.org
Sunday groups – www.lightlive.org

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