Friday, April 21, 2006

Awesome feeling young again

I listen to Keith Green, Carman, Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W Smith... at the moment, got a new MP3 disc player in my car; crazy because I have to sell the car soon. Still figuring out how the play-list works on it, it just plays tracks in a random order at the moment, a bit annoying, but fun. Maybe if I read the manual (funny the wife was ragging me about that just yesterday?).

On the way home from a design meeting this afternoon, I got just the right random sequence building the mood I was feeling at the time. What to be young! Almost like the kid who suddenly finds, yea, I can do this! And then I can think of nothing else. Well I am talking about contracting work. It means dealing with people a bit more cleverly. Somthing Steven Covey talks about, getting to the interdependence level. Interdependence as a word has a bad rap, the connotation is of dependence, but my word would be co-opperation. but even co-opperation is weak in terms of what he is trying to really say. So the 7 habbits of highly effective people is turning into a monster book, which I am probably not ready for. Mainly because I suk at listening.

Well if you think I suk at listening, post me back your tips on how to become a good listener.

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