Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ugly critters change spots

The littlest critter in my picture below has tonsilitis, so we spend almost all night awake. This is not normally a bad thing if it was not accompanied by the anxiety I have surrounded myself with. But it's my own fault really.

You do not know how to say this, when you go on a LSD trip (not drug) it actually stands for Look See Decide. And leave your home country for a while and see how a move from Africa into the hubof thinkgs in England suits you. Maybe it does not, but maybe a leopard from Africa can change his spots and do well in the UK. But we will give it a try, for a while at least. It's not really called emigration either(that takes about a decade), it's really a long holiday. But a year-long holiday with lots of paperwork.
I first went to the UK (without children) in May 2000, and the weather was awesome (I latter learned someone had forgotten to turn on the rain-machines). Initially anyone who leaves home is branded a traitor or weak (we even called them chicken-runners a long time ago). But age has taught me otherwise, so I am going to at least satisfy my curiosity.

Hoe weet die afrikkanse boertjie dit is somer in Engeland?
Die reen is warm!

And this is not how I was taught afrikaans!
Wat beteeken agtermakaar soos in "'n klomp agtermakaar cowboys"?
Brokeback mountain showed me that it actuall means agter behind-makaar each other. Like rear-gunners.

WOW it's a rude world, and the sad thing is if you do not cheat on the slides, you never get a chance to go on the round-abouts latter. I always though it was unfair, but when I was in the army we had a saying as jy dom is moet jy maar kak, roughly translates to "If you are stupid, you are going to have to be strong enough to take the shit". Well I must say going on a long holiday from home involves a lot of leopard-like skills. Amongst them.
1. Get a VISA
2. Get a airplane ticket
3. Get a job
Now the fun part is you actually need item 3 to get number 1, but you also need item 1 to get number 2, which scres you around because item 2 costs less if you get it first; but it's not such a big deal anyway. But in terms of my own security I want number 3 first.

Catch-22 they call it

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