Friday, April 28, 2006

So long, and thanks for all the fish

Farewell to Adroit Technologies, South Africa.

It turns out that the humans are not the most intelligent life on earth, and when it came time for a hyperspace overpass to be built right through our system, that, well Earth was in the way.

The dolphins had know about this for quite some time, and had tried to warn us, but we would not listen. Plans for the project had been on public display in the basement offices of the construction company's Alpha Centauri offices for the pre-requisite 6 month period, and so the demolition of Earth was all above board. The dolphins are quite friendly to us, enduring captivity, entertaining us and more, just to get close enough to get the point across! It is really a sad pronunciation on the state of man, especially when the planet gets destroyed, leaving only 2 humans alive....
[Paraphrased from the book : Hitchikers guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams(deceased).]

But this story has a happy ending (just like the one above eventually does), but the middle bit is just sad. I am going to miss this place, and the security it gave this little stick in the mud. Just the other day, I was trying to coax my Gran to visit us for a change, when she got stuck, in the mud-so-to-speak, and it was there, that I realized that I must have caught the disease from her. At least she still has her mind, which is more than 'I' can say for Conrad. In a desperate attempt to get my mind straight recently I have uncovered some long-lost treasures, so instead of running 4 miles every day to add 10 years to my life, and I am going to put the time I would have wasted running to better use. I am already playing less computer games, and more with water, dirt, lego, bikes and miscellaneous animals, try it. I am also moving into a work environment that will include more time at home, funny how things turn out.

Hello UK

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