Monday, April 10, 2006

E-mail hell

Once had a stretch at work where none of the mails we were sending got delivered, all blocked because of some spam rules. Well it happened to me when I set up a mail account. Zaphod happily sends off mails trying to find anyone in the UK who is at least interrested in offering a professional 'hacker' from South Africa a job. To no avail, my messages either bounce or go into the bit-bucket.
bit-bucket? Too much of my life has been running into the bit-bucket, it is a plain old waterproof receptacle used to catch overflow punched-tape. Not so usefull these days I suppose, and even though I never used a punched-tape I feel cheated. We think that all the work we do is important, if it were not, why would we do it? And the prize little bits get thrown away like luke-warm swill.

At least I figured out a temporary respite while the folks at spamcop decide on how to not block all the free e-mail account domains out there and risk the kind of blocking trouble that existed with aol accounts a few centuries back. AOL had to exist as a totally seperate empire of users for a while, quite a laugh because of the unwarranted 'villification'. So now I got gmail, but do not bother asking me to give you an invite. I discovered that some folk were using invites to invite themselves, and then selling the extra invites off of each account on e-bay and the likes. I wonder if e-bay has e-sharks?

At least there is no permanent harm done, if we all understand that the fellow behind the hamburger stand is not actually out to give you food-poisoning, it can be the start of a beutifull relationship. After my forray into free mailboxes I am working on free FTP space, if only I could use the same people who do my mail, since I have only just started to actually trust them.

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