Saturday, April 15, 2006 & why log as zaphod?

I have had endless trouble with someone publishing a bad DNS record for the above IP which should point to The fun part is that when one searches for anyone talking about a faulty site, the link usually points to the site. LOL.

So this topic is also a link, at least untill the IP changes. So why do I log? Is this a diary or is it art? Not art, Zaphod is an engineer. Engineers are creative, but not in a pretty kind of way. (Except when it comes to children.) Anyway, this engineer is trying out his creative side in getting some web-presence going, to establish a searchable name really.

What is Zaphod's real name? I suppose a book-link is in order here, let's google something up quickly. while that works, I will explain about a book-character that really appealed to me because he was funny, witty, and crazy in a benign kind of way (D&D non-lawfull good? like a rouge). Because zaphod has 2 heads and I only 1 (there are millions of people with duplicate personalities, did I mention that the book-character has a personality dissorder?. Well he does, if you want to bug the book, click; To learn how fans of the series describe him, click .

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