Sunday, April 23, 2006

When is the time right

Looking back, I can see I should have made a move to the UK shortly after I visited on holiday in 2000. I really loved the poeple, and could forsee that given a layer of dark-gray I would still like the people. And since I am not a outdoor person anyway, the gray can stay out.

But I did not move back then, things are tightening up in terms of visas, and in reality I should have started ages ago with the visa, but work gets in the way when you really do haveto jump though hoops to prove who you are and why they thould let you into the UK. At least the system is fair, so I will get my chance. I know why I did no move 5 years ago, I had just baught a house, who buys a house and then sells it 3 months latter? Ah well, busy busy busy.

Linux. It is not half as daunting as it appears, turns out my exposure to UNIX servers while installing networks a decade back was not wasted. And it all works for the better. I Imagine I am going to get the hang of why Steven Covey says we need to move from dependence, to independence, and then get up to interdependence. Seeing all the mutual benefits possible if you just change your viewpoint to the other party is a bit unnerving. I still need to learn how to LISTEN!

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