Monday, May 01, 2006

The home stretch

The home stretch, well should we call it home. We are nearly ready to go now, say good-bye to relatives, submit visa application, sell cars, get homes for dogs. And a good few tiny details like who will empty the mailbox? Oh well no-body is perfect. The biggies are the house money and visa, thanks to Jenny for helping with the house side.

We should be in the UK this time next month, God willing. It is hard to really relax fully at this point, but everything has run so smoothly to here, with no major obstacles. The fact that I have found some contract work to keep me busy does put a squeeze on things in terms of time to just relax and chill. But I am happy because I will get 2 things out of the contract work. I was wanting to buy a laptop and take it over with me, (so we can still e-mail once we get there) and now I have a good reason to. Second the contract involves Linux work, which is good experience for my CV. Rowan and the boys are going down to Petermaritzburg after next week, and I should be able to say hi and bye to my mom, my boet, and dad; by flying in the opposite direction. It is very exciting, and I just can't wait for the week to get underway.
Great-Grandma is a bit sick, we were going to have lunch together; must say I do worry about her more and more lately. Aargh, and the lawn needs a good mow, at least that has slowed down a bit.


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