Saturday, May 06, 2006

Well the sale of the house is pretty much underway now with the banks doing their bit, it means we are still here for about 10 days more at least, but there will be snags. At least I am relaxed about it all at this stage, so if it does take forever, than it is at least God's will.
Still reading the 7 habits of highly effective people, started the 1st real chapter this week, I must say it makes sense to try kick the reactive habit, and be more pro-active, but it is a very long way from where I am right now; I sense that this is going to take lots of time.

Enjoying Linux
I am still totally noob at Linux (SUSE), but it is so awesome to download a O/S patch, and then re-compile and run your own core all for "free". Getting used to so much, and the prime thing is to get the actual paying work done without too much attention to 'learning'. Pity, because the best way to learn (IMHO) is through finding it yourself. OK so I do think that formal higher education is overrated. But it would not be if we had all been taught how to "learn" instead of being taught how to 'cram' when we were in school.

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