Friday, May 26, 2006

VISAs approved

At least we have a welcome, and it only took about 10 days (2-week). Now comes more work and more waiting. Sitting at the mug and bean in Clearwater Mall, Roodepoort; wireless. I need to find the batteries for my mouse, but for now I have only 3 hours before the battery on the machine dies, because I did not bring an adapter. I intend spending as much time here as needed to take advantage of my online hours, Mweb give us 5 hours wireless a month, pitty I could never utilize that before.

Setting up to pull the last of Rowan's e-mails. The coffee in the upper sitting-room at M&B is a little slower, no matter. I just need a snack to keep me going, and I can spend all day up here, the background noise is good, can audio-stream and the resident boffin is very friendly an knows how to get you connected. Visit .

Posted my CV on the internet. Making business-cards, and so I can promote myself, I decided the simplest way to get a CV to fit onto a buziness card is to say google "Conrad Braam", and hopefully get a hit close to my CV. this means I have to hyperlink a few times from various places. But the end result will be better if I can get other people to point to my spaces.

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