Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cops and robbers

Work cut out
Standing in the queue at the 'traffis' department trying to get the car I have been driving for the last 8 years into my name propper. Do these poeple not understand that to simple people (as live in africa) the people do not know the difference between title-holder and owner. I won the car, but the title is to a bank, because the bank does not bother to transfer title to me when the car is paid-up. I have to pay for that again, well I did not do so for 5 whole years. So what! Ask any Zimbabwean, title-holder means nothing. LOL.

Spare a thought for the workers
THis is the second time I have seen this (I hate going to nay officail places) but while I was in the Q, I witnessed abuse more than once by members of the public towards officers of the law behind the counter. This is not cool, I regain most of my cool just before I open my mouth, but the tense people in the traffic dept and police station queues is a bit too much for me. If it where me I would quit!

OK so I do need counselling, but who will pay, definitely not the reciever of revenue, they apparently got my transfer-duty cheque 11 April, but have taken a month to issue a reciept. I think not, the reciever of revenue (I used to call them reverser of revenue) are bloody efficient. And I have no complaint. I just hope we can all get a system working where we know what is happening.

Selling a home is not for pansies!
Linux Rocks
But the man-pages stink. Man-pages are a programmers manual started in 1991 when the system started, but it looks like everyone is scarred to update them for some reason. Full of vauge statements and airy 'if's they abound with things that should not appear in a technical reference, and even border on flaming at times.
RESOLVE:!!!! I hereby resolve to contribute to the linux documentation project in some way. After just 3 weeks I have a working socket implementation wrapper it may not be bulletproof, but I bet I can use what I learned to improve the man-pages. Once I get some holiday time I will have to re-write the relevant bits into english.
It's just plain plagerism copying the man-pages and not actually improving them at all.

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