Sunday, May 21, 2006

To all New Harvest

The number of people we really need to say good bye to at New Harwast are numerous, and most importantly the invisible people or those who think they are. Some are sad, some happy. I say goodbye To Dennis Puttergill (sorry Babs), when he passed, I had seen it comming but could not believe it. He was a gentle power that reminded me with simple words, of what it really takes to serve. Babs, your strength at this time reminded me that crying must have a smile in it someplace.

Jeff with the rugby banter; I was embararrased, then tried to ignore, and finally understand it all. Little knowing that the humour Jeff brought was a key to much of life. I also realize now, that it was all in preperation for living in a football crazy country.

We decided to make the shift in October on our 9th aniversary dinner. I'd just paid for an electric fence, something I had been against, and never wanted to do. I never wanted to believe that crime or fear could sway me, But principals are broken without your knowledge every time. Now it was too late. In January 2006 we first told the family, and then friends, that the plan was already in motion.

I want to say thank you to Rodney Barron, Merle, and even to the daughters who we no longer see too often for their strength. It showed me that I was weak in comparison to most. I battled to listen to Rodney's sermons, but at around the same time my father-in law had a stroke, leaving him with a similar speech problem. It was really my job to hear them speak, and MY OWN loss if I did not make the needed effort from my side to learn how to listen to Rodney.

I met Rowan in the Methodist church on sunday afternoon service. Her car broke down about a week or so latter, and I offered to help out. Maybe I just had too much time on my hands or wanted to be the good samaritain, I do not remember, but we were married just over a year latter. When my boys were born I did not stop teaching sunday school. I enjoyed the challenge the young minds impose, they forced me to find many things hidden in the bible, as adults our reference frame within the word allows us to find stories that explain God's view on every situation. Children will always have questions that parents cannot really be made to answer. A thank you for inspiration goes to all of the teachers I have worked with.

Thanks to all the people who unwittingly have shared their lives with the church, in just being there week after week, I saw you. The people who play church, greet at the door; teaching; preaching; coffee; counting and finance; meals and outreaches; stacking chairs; washing up; musicians all have their place. But they all serve no purpose if the purpose of the body is not to serve. And the purpose of the church is only clear to everyone on monday morning when we all step out into the world again. The fellowship groups that provided us with a top-up are an anchor at times. And it is here that I really had my heart and motives tested by fire. I want to mention everyone, who invisibly played a part, because it is a real hope of mine to return someday succesfull, not in material but in the spiritual journey that New Harvest Christian Fellowship has been a large part of.

I have not yet found work in the UK, and only have good leads to go on right now, but the IT job-market is good there, and I have a lot of encouragement.
I had to learn that NETWORKING, a word I hated and only ever thought of as something people did on golf-courses. God had to show me why it is that I must treat every person with respect and friendliness. I only wish I had earnestly begun treating every person as a possible contact I may need in the future a long time ago already. Just like the way we have had to get rid of so many 'possesions' in the move, it has been a fun learning time.

Rowan has been a solid support for me thought this time, and as we jet off as a family I know I can rely on her judgement to get us there in one piece. As an organiser in this big move she has been invaluable. So when I lastly say, thank you to my Lord whom has made this road clear and sunny every step, from instantly finding us a house-buyer to His opening many doors. God has turned this move into a humbling and learning experience.

Regards, Conrad, Rowan, Rhys and Gregory Braam.

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