Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The ugly bits of moving

Today is the last day in the house, after almost 6 years (June 2000) we are pulling out. A task not made any easier byt the memories that come to the fore.
I see the places on the doors, walls and yard where the boys have made their mark, and holding back the tears yesterday was just not possible. The teddy-bear shelf, the plastic motorbike still haunting me from the top of the yard, almost daring me to put it onto the street.
Some child will no doubt be made a little happier with second-hand toys. my boys never had to deal with that; and I feel sorry for those that have to all of the time. but right now, we try look after number one.

The ugliest
Have to put down a cat and dog today, good thing electronic media does not hold salt-water well. Sally is lucky, she will go to the SPCA, and hopefully find a home.
Rowan and the boys are probably having fun in East London with gran. The farm is always fun, and they have a little friend from up road about the same age; Aimee actually lives where my grandparents used to live many years before (on Bramble Hill they called it) then Mom&Barry co-incidentally baught a small-holding.
It's still a 10 minute walk, but close by compared to everything else. lots of work to do today, I just want to get the gritty bits out of the way asap.

Must pick up the visas this afternoon if possible, that will make me feel better. the sooner we are gone, the less my bank-account bleeds out. Living mobile is very expensive; but the boys are holding out well.
Rhys has his moments, which is a good thing. Things like where are all of my teddies, when are we going to aunt Claire's house. I can't wait to get out of here and onto the little island. The happy times will realy only start for me once I go through the boarding gate;


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